Click to listen to the students at Shepherd’s River Mennonite School sing “Saviour we Come to Thee” at the start of the school day:

The Shepherd’s River Mennonite Church and School began forming four years ago as Mennonites from across the country moved to Maine to form a new community with an individual named Barbara who wanted to become a Mennonite. Here, schoolteacher Joy Weaver teaches Mennonite children grades two through eight in a one room school. As the community grows, so will the school – next year, Joy anticipates there will be an additional classroom and teacher.

To learn more about Mennonites in Maine, click here to read Barbara’s story, “Born Secular.”


Click the photo to view a multimedia piece about the JED Collective. Photos by Anna Lundgren. Speaking is Kate Boverman.

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Gallery Opening

December 11, 2009

Check out Fall 2009 Salt student stories. Exhibit opens Thursday, December 17th at 5 pm.